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Types of Personalities in the Dogs + How to Find One That Would Suit You

You’ve probably heard the saying that a dog is man’s best friend and wondered how that is. Thanks to different personality types, dogs can form outstanding bonds with their owners and become incredible friends. If you have a dog, then you know what I mean. 

Dogs come with different personalities, and ensuring that you invest in one that suits you is essential. Doing this allows you to easily coexist with your dog and give it the attention and care it requires from you.

To help you find a dog that suits you, knowing the different personalities and some dogs that embody those personalities will come in handy. Here are a few personality types in dogs to get you going. 



Dogs with confident personalities tend to be the leader in a multi-dog household. They are incredible dogs with no problem being around strangers, especially children. These dogs can quickly adapt to their environment and rarely fuss or disturb their owners. 

However, if dogs with this personality type meet any resistance regarding their confidence, they act out. Some dog examples include; Japanese Chin, Chinese Crested, and English Toy Spaniel.


Sable German Shepherd

When looking for a dog, loyalty is what most people look out for. Having a dog that is loyal to its owner is everyone’s goal. Dogs with loyal personalities pride themselves on only identifying with one owner. 

Such dogs give you excellent security and always defend you against anything, or anyone they perceive will cause you harm. Some of these dogs include; Akita, Greyhound, Pug, and Chinook. 


Some dogs love to help out and thrive when they are busy working and giving a hand to their owners. These dogs require a lot of activity throughout the day and would suit you if you have tasks your dog can help with. 

Some of these tasks may include herding, farming, or hunting. Dogs with hardworking personalities are obedient and always know where to be and when ready to work. Some hardworking dog examples include; German Shepherds, Poodles, Australian Shepherds, and Tibetan Mastiff. 


Dogs with affectionate personalities make incredible friends and love to spend time with their owners. But, unfortunately, they quickly develop a favorite person kind of attachment which makes them overly loving and possessive for some. 

These dogs love socializing and enjoy other people’s company. This type of dog will suit you if you love keeping company and going out with your fur friend. One of the best examples of such dogs is a Golden doodle that will make an incredible dog for you. If you want to invest in an affectionate dog, Mawoo’s list of Golden Doodles for sale will come in handy. 


Healthy German Shepherd

Happy-go-lucky dogs are fun to have around and will suit you if you want a dog that will always keep you lively. These dogs love having fun and are always either playing or running around enjoying the company of people and other dogs. 

Training these dogs may be a bit of a challenge, given that they have a short attention span. They’ll be pretty stubborn and only interested in playing and having fun, not training. You’ll need a lot of patience and develop some fun ways to train them. Some of these dogs include; French Bulldogs, Corgi, Boston Terrier, American Bully, and last but not least german shepherd.

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