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German Shepherd Training Articles

A German Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog that will take no time in learning different tricks and commands. Many GSD owners opt for professional trainers without getting to know their dogs better. Training a GSD is not a tough job when you know it is a keen learner. Firstly, know what you want from your GSD and then start training it in that way. It is also important that GSD owners are aware of their dog’s personality, nature, and instinct before starting on any training schedule.

German Shepherds are strong and muscular dogs. They have a fierce look to them. However, these dogs can be trained to become loyal companions. Before you start training your GSD, know that these dogs are dominant by nature. The key is to stay focused, patient, and consistent while training your GSD.

In the wild, these dogs live in packs and every pack has alpha dogs that are stronger than the rest. The alpha dogs dominate the pack and the others respect them. That’s why these dogs will try to dominate their owner as well and there is nothing unusual about it.

If you want your GSD to obey and respect you, you will need to adopt a positive reinforcement strategy.