Our Review Process

At Shepped.com, we believe in having your pet properly covered in the event something should happen to them — whether an accidental injury, illness, or lifelong disease.

We also understand that choosing the right pet insurance, equipment and food can be tedious, even for those working inside of the industry.

That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our reviews are both easy to navigate, and easy to comprehend so that you know you’re making the right decision when you choose a company to protect your pet.

To help you understand the exact process that we go through, when it comes to reviewing different types of companies and coverages, here is a basic breakdown of the areas that we look at:

In-depth Category Research

online research

We know that gaining your trust requires spending extra time crossing the T’s, and dotting the I’s. That’s why we spend hours, upon hours, making sure that the information contained in our reviews is both in-depth, and 100% accurate.

Expert Reviews From Industry Leaders

One of the best sources of information comes from industry leaders who know, use, sell, and understand the types of products that we’re reviewing.

Gaining true insight into the inner workings of different companies, policies, and coverages is crucial, and only possible with the help of experts that are in the insurance industry.

Customer Feedback

The next step comes down to figuring out exactly what customers like yourself think about the products.

Expert opinions are great, but the real research comes when you figure out what past customers have to say, whether good, or bad, and tie it into the research for a complete overall picture.

Comments And Dialogue On Other Websites

We don’t simply rely on our own opinions and research to help you figure out which products are best for you and your pet.

By utilizing other websites, we can figure out new data points, and areas that we need to research deeper so that we can completely cover the topic for you.

Feedback From Social Media Channels

Some of the most vocal users of products, like pet insurance, reside on social media platforms.

To round out our research, we get into groups, and research on pages that surround the types of products we’re reviewing and determine if there is any new information that we haven’t already uncovered using our other research avenues.

Are Online Review Sites Trustworthy?

This is the biggest question visitors will ask themselves when they land on a review. With the ease of publishing on the internet, there is a lot of misinformation, and reviews that are downright deceitful.

To help set ourselves apart from the deceptive review websites, we’ve created a list of resources to help show you that there are real, live people behind these reviews, and that we do whatever possible to earn your trust, and show that we are a legitimate source of information.

  • About us – Learn who we are, and why we do what we do.
  • Contact us – Need to get in touch with us? It’s easy to do!
  • Disclosures – We’re upfront about how we’re earning money from this site, and how we respond to inquiries.
  • Review Criteria – Staying 100% transparent about how we review products is critical to maintaining your trust.

You’ll also find an author listed on every single article on the site. Those authors can be contacted if you have any questions about the research they’ve performed.

Do you still have questions about how we review products? Did you find a site that you believe is not ethically handling their review process? Contact us and leave your feedback and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading Shepped.com, and we hope you enjoy the tips, tricks, tutorials, guides, and reviews that we work so hard to create for you!