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How a Peak Pets Calming Supplement Can Help with Going Back to Work

The last two years have been different for everybody. Most people have been away from the office and working from home. While some workers have found this tedious and are looking forward to having an office routine again, someone that will not be looking forward to this change is your furry friend.

Dogs around the country have loved having their human home all the time, getting plenty of attention, walks and treats.

But, the reality is, most people are going to be getting back to the office in the next few months. So, your dog is going to have to adjust to this schedule change. Here are some tips to help your pup.


Start With an Early Walk


If you are not back at the office yet, it is time to start getting up at the time you would be in the morning. This is going to allow your canine to enjoy an early walk like they are going to do during the week.

Over the last year, they are probably used to getting up later and this is going to seem new to them. But, once they are in the swing of things and get outdoors early, they are going to get back on track.

What’s more, we all know that dogs relax more when they have been out to expend some energy. So, always make sure that you have enough time in the morning to walk your dog.

Choose a Calming Supplement

There are going to be some dogs that suffer from separation anxiety when you go back to work. This is particularly true if you have a new canine and they are not used to spending long periods of the day on their own.

While training and having a schedule are going to help them get used to this change, sometimes, they can need a little extra help. This is when a calming supplement can help. This may be able to offer some stress relief in new situations, allowing your dog to relax and nap while you are away from home. With natural ingredients, this can help settle your dog and give you peace of mind when you are at work.

Provide Enrichment

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When it comes to relaxing a dog, a lot of people think that a long walk is enough. They believe that allowing canines to expend some physical energy will mean they sleep the whole time they are at work.

While this might work for small breeds, the working and more energy breeds will need more stimulation. This time, they need mental stimulation and enrichment. This is something that you can provide your dog when you are at work. For example, there are toys that you can insert food into that are going to make them work for their treats.

This will keep them amused and make your canine think. This is going to provide them with the mental stimulation they need to be happy while you are gone.

Play When You Get Home

After a long day at work, the first thing you want to do is relax on the couch. But, remember that your furry friend has been alone all day and they are very pleased to see you.

Make sure that you spend some time with them when you first get back. This is going to be a lot of fun for them and expend some of their energy from resting all day. You can play fetch in the garden or tug of war in the house.

Either way, think about something that your furry friend loves doing and enjoy some bonding time together. This is going to make them content and happy, giving them something to look forward to when you get home.

Introduce Alone Time Gradually

Boundary Training – Teach Your Dog To Obey

The problem with a lot of dogs is that they are used to spending so much time with you. Then, suddenly when you have to go back to the office, they are not going to know what is happening or where you have gone. The best thing you can do is gradually introduce alone time to your dog.

Start with 20 minutes and gradually build up the time they are alone in the house. This is a good way to work through separation anxiety and for your pooch to know that you are coming back.

Eventually, they are going to understand what is happening and will be happier when they are left alone.

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