German Shepherd Owners Guide

German Shepherd Owners Guide; From Pup To Pal

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Ready To Unlock Your German Shepherd’s TRUE Potential?

Introducing the German Shepherd Owners Guide; From Pup To Pal.

Your insider’s guide to unlocking the REAL power inside of your German Shepherd using 100-year-old breed genetics. 


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German Shepherd Owners Guideshelf

Picture this…

You come home with an amazing new puppy, and they automatically take to you as their pack leader. Listening to every command you give, not getting sick, having just enough energy for you to keep them occupied, but not so much that they want to run wild in your house.

Sounds great, right?

Except, this is rarely the case, especially with German Shepherd puppies.They’re incredibly high energy dogs, with a bit of a stubborn streak that is harnessed from years of breeding to produce the perfect herding and protection breed.

That means, unless you have the right tools in your arsenal, you are going to have your hands full.

Their natural high energy instincts will have them testing you every chance they get. Their stubborn streak will have them disobeying commands like they are taking over the alpha role in your pack.

They’ll see themselves as superior and take advantage of the situation whenever they can. It’s just in their nature.

What if you could use your German Shepherd’s natural instincts in your favor, though?

The same instincts that made the original GSD breeders choose the bloodline for use in the military, as protection animals, and as herding dogs around the farm?

With the German Shepherd Owners Guide, you can.

Inside of the guide, you’ll understand how German Shepherds evolved from their humble beginnings into the elegant, loyal, protective, and trustworthy dogs the military, farmers, breeders, and competition handlers grew to love.

Ask yourself these questions…


What would life be like if you could tell the difference between a breeder out for their own profits, and one that was actually involved in the proper selection of the bloodlines they choose to continue breeding?

Choose the best breeder2.

What if you knew that your German Shepherd puppy was never going to get sick, or develop the illnesses and diseases that GSDs are known for having when they come from irreputable breeders?

choose a healthy puppy3.

What if you could adapt your new puppy or adopted dog into your pack, and have them automatically take to you as their pack leader, without constantly testing you for the role?

obedient german shepherd4.

How would you feel if you knew you were feeding your puppy a perfectly balanced diet, knowing that they were getting the exact nutrients they needed, without causing the potential behavior and health problems associated with a poor diet?

feed your german shepherd with right foods5.

Would you agree that a well-trained dog that knows their place in the pack is the perfect life companion?

healthy puppy

Inside of the German Shepherd Owners Guide, you’ll get the answers to all of these questions along with….

Military German Shepherd

Why the military uses GSDs as part of their elite forces, and how you can effortlessly use those same instincts to your advantage…

Choosing a reputable breeder for German Shepherd

How to choose a reputable breeder, the questions you need to ask them, and the papers you need to see to make sure your dog isn’t going to inherit genetic problems passed down through the generations of poor breeding decisions…

purebred German Shepherd

How to obtain purebred German bloodlines, and know that you’re actually getting what you’ve paid for…

protect your german shepherd

How to protect them from themselves, and the most common dangers lying around your house that most owners never dream could harm their dogs…

stop bad behaviour

How to put an instant end to negative behaviors like barking and door dashing so you can live at peace with your beautiful German Shepherd, without resorting to negativity yourself…

German Shepherd Health Issues

How to know if your puppy is going to have issues, illnesses, and diseases that are common to German Shepherds before you ever bring them home…

how to adopt adult german shepherd

How to adopt an adult dog and help them enter into your “pack” as pain-free, and easily as possible…

Best dog food for german shepherd

How to properly feed your puppy to make sure they’re getting the micro and macronutrients they need to grow into smart, healthy, thriving dogs that see you as their “master”…

german shepherd obedience training

The 5 basic commands you need to teach them, and the quick start strategies you can use to get your puppy to take to the commands within a few short training sessions…

take care of your german shepherd

How to take care of your German Shepherd’s unique needs, and identify common problems they could encounter throughout their life, so you can keep your vet bills to a minimum…

Take a Sneak Peek Inside

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Teach your dog how to sit

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About the Author

I’m Andrew, the founder of, and your author, guide, and impromptu trainer that’s going to help you along the way.

Since I was young, I’ve had a growing curiosity for German Shepherds, and my love for the breed has never waned.

As time went on, I realized that I was in a unique position to help both new owners and owners that had already learned the joys of the German Shepherd breed get more out of the time they spent with their dog and help them become a treasured member of their families.

That’s why I founded, and what drives me to continue helping people every day, every chance I get.

As you’re reading through this guide, make sure to slow down and take notes.

There’s a lot of information contained in these pages that will help you understand more about your German Shepherd, how to make sure you’re picking a dog that isn’t going to have health problems, how to spot potential health problems if they come up, how to properly train your puppy so they understand that you’re the leader of “the pack”, and how to make sure you’re going to have a pal for life.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to your new passion in life…

Andrew James

Prefer To Listen, Instead Of Read?

Not a problem. Along with the 100-page e-Book, you can instantly download, you’ll also get access to the complete audio version to take with you wherever you go — in the car, on your phone, or while you’re working around the house.

We believe the information is exactly what you’re looking for but, then again, we may be a bit biased.​

german shepherd owners guide ebook

100-page e-Book


german shepherd owners guide audiobook

Complete Audiobook

Instead of just taking our word for it, here’s what a few customers had to say about it when they downloaded their copy…

Marc Stevens( Web Design Media )testimonial

The German Shepherd Owners Guide saved me from considering giving her back, and thinking that I was in over my head by getting a German Shepherd puppy.

“I was stumped before I bought the German Shepherd Owner’s Guide. My puppy wouldn’t listen to me, and kept chewing things up around the house. She even destroyed an extension cord. I was worried to death when I finally decided I needed to do something about it.

Trainers were too expensive for my budget, so I turned to I’m glad I did because I understand how to train her now, and how important it is to be her pack leader. For both my sanity, and hers.

The German Shepherd Owners Guide saved me from considering giving her back, and thinking that I was in over my head by getting a German Shepherd puppy.”

Martha  Des Moine, IA

Marc Stevens( Web Design Media )testimonial

After 2 weeks of working with him, he’s back to the happy, energetic dog that I found at the shelter that day!

“The German Shepherd Owners Guide was great! I’m glad that I found it. I adopted a German Shepherd from my local shelter and thought I was doing a good deed saving his life. When we got home I realized that he wasn’t the same dog that I saw at the shelter. He was energetic and happy at the shelter but became shy and timid when we got home.

I didn’t know what to do. I tried helping him warm up to me and my home, but nothing seemed to work. I jumped online and started searching for ways to help him adapt when I found the German Shepherd Owners Guide.

After downloading it, I started working with him using the techniques they gave me, and he started to come around. After 2 weeks of working with him, he’s back to the happy, energetic dog that I found at the shelter that day!”

JamesSt. Petersburg, FL​

Marc Stevens( Web Design Media )testimonial

She seems to actually look forward to me giving her commands, now.

“My puppy wouldn’t listen to me. I tried doing everything I could to teach her new commands, but she was too stubborn and it seemed like she was almost determined not to listen to me. I slowed down my approach and used the training techniques inside of the German Shepherd Owner’s Guide and something in her seemed to click.

I think once I understood why she was acting the way she was, and what she needed to see from me, she automatically took to me being her “pack leader” as Andrew calls it. For that, I’m glad I found the guide, downloaded it, and implemented what they taught me. She seems to actually look forward to me giving her commands, now.”

Neil – Sacramento, CA

After months, and months of listening to our readers at…

Pouring through countless emails, and answering an endless stream of questions, we’ve taken everything you guys are looking for and wrapped them up into an easy-to-digest manual. We even went one step further and created an audio version to help you get the most out of the information.

If you’re a professional trainer, have years of dog nutrition education, or have generations of dog breeding in your history, there may be a few morsels you can pick up in the guide, but, for the most part, this guide may not be for you.


  • New German Shepherd owner…
  • Owner dealing with a problem puppy…
  • Owner having problems becoming the pack leader…
  • Looking to bring your first German Shepherd into your home…
  • Wanting to adopt a new German Shepherd and bring them into your pack…
  • Or…

If you want to help your German Shepherd develop into the trustworthy, protective, loyal, smart, and obedient dogs their instincts want them to be, the German Shepherd Owners Guide; From Pup, To Pal is written specifically with you in mind.

knowhow guarantee

Get Risk-Free Instant Access To The Handbook and Audiobook version Today!

And, if at any time during the first 60 days, you feel that you’re not happy with your purchase. No problem. Just send us an email, and we’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

On top of the 100-page handbook, and the extensive audiobook, you’ll also get access to a handful of bonuses created to help you become a better owner….

Andrew James

Bonuses Like…

Quick Start Training Guide

The 5 Step Quick Start Training Guide that will have you acting like a professional trainer in 15 to 20 minutes a day.


Adoption Health Checklist

The Adoption Health Checklist that will let you spot potential health and behavior issues before they become major problems after the adoption process.


List of reputable breeders

A list of reputable breeders to help you find the perfect bloodline without having to worry about GSD specific illnesses and diseases down the road.


New Puppy Checklist

The New Puppy Checklist to help you properly acclimate your puppy to your home, keep them safe, and help them thrive in a new environment.


German Shepherd Owners Quiz

A German Shepherd Owner’s Quiz to help you with your small talk at the dog park, and let you jump into interesting conversations with people who ask about your beloved GSD…


Lifetime updates

The German Shepherd Owners Guide (and bonuses) will be updated and revised in the future, and when it is you will get instant access to the new edition at no extra cost!

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German Shepherd Owners Guide

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For a fraction of what it’s really worth and what it cost me to research, you could be reading it in a matter of minutes.

We offer you a complete, money-back, no questions asked refund policy.

That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

Think about it, wouldn’t it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

So just go ahead, download the e-Book today, read it and apply your new-found skills with your German Shepherd for a full 60 days. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know and I’ll issue you a cheerful refund with no questions asked.

So you see, there’s absolutely NO RISK on your part … a true win-win!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your German Shepherd, become the confident owner and pack leader you know is waiting inside of you, and help your GSD develop into the loyal, trustworthy, obedient companion that they’ve been known for, for over 100 years.

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German Shepherd Owners GuideGet Your Copy NOW!

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