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The German Shepherd Owners Guide; From Pup, To Pal Has Arrived!

The long awaited, German Shepherd Owners Guide; From Pup, To Pal, has finally arrived!

After months of listening to you guys, figuring out exactly what you were looking for, and compiling all the information together in one solid manual, the work has finally been completed!

And it’s available for you today.

Happen to miss our posts and emails over the last couple weeks, announcing exactly what you’re going to get?

Let me break it down for you real quick.

Inside of the German Shepherd Owners Guide; From Pup, To Pal, you’re going to learn…

  • The humble beginnings of the German Shepherd Dog, and how they’ve evolved into the loving, obedient, loyal breed that we know today!
  • The one man responsible for bringing about the popularity of the breed, and the setbacks he faced throughout the years!
  • The differences between American, English, and German bloodlines, and what they mean to you as a GSD owner.
  • How to select a breeder you know is reputable, and verify that what they’re telling you is actually true!
  • What, when, and how you should be feeding your German Shepherd to avoid some of the illnesses and diseases German Shepherds are at risk of developing!
  • The quick way to train your puppy, so they always look to you as the alpha, ready to act on any command you give them!
  • The low maintenance grooming strategies that help keep your GSD looking beautiful and free from potential health problems that can cripple them in old age!
  • How to spot potential illnesses and get ahead of them before they become major problems!
  • How to handle a stubborn dog that seems like their only goal is to refuse listening to you!

And much, much more!

On top of that, for those early birds among us, we’ve got a set of bonuses that will help you get the most out of your reading and help make sure your dog grows into a happy, healthy, obedient old pal.

Here’re some of the bonuses you’ll get as an early bird!

  • The German Shepherd Owner’s Quiz that will help test your knowledge, and see if you really are a GSD expert!
  • The New Puppy Checklist that will help you make sure your puppy is ready to come home, and will grow up happy, healthy, and safe!
  • The German Shepherd Training Quick Start Guide that you can print out and take with you when it’s time to start training your obedient puppy!
  • The list of recommended reputable breeders, so you know you’re getting the dog you’re looking for if you’re searching for the purebred, champion bloodlines!
  • The Adoption Health checklist to help you make sure the dog you’re planning to adopt isn’t going to cost you thousands of dollars in vet bills later on!

Remember, this has taken us months to put together.

And it’s finally available to you, today!

To download your copy, keep your pup healthy, and become the alpha in your pack, use the link below.


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