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How To Handle High-Energy Dogs

Dogs have always been one of the closest companions to humans. It’s easier to play and go on walks with them, amongst other fun activities.

Exercise or simply being active is a crucial part of a dog’s life. It’ll not only help control their weight, reducing chances of obesity and other lifestyle-related issues, but it can also help improve their overall wellbeing and happiness.

While most dogs instinctively work through their physical activities, some breeds usually have much more energy.  

These high-energy dogs seem to have been born without an off switch. Hence, you’ll find them always running up and down, even during extreme weather conditions. That said, here’s a quick rundown on how you can handle a high-energy dog:


Ensure They’re Getting Enough Exercise 

This is one of the most effective ways to handle a high-energy dog. Ensuring your canine friend gets the right amount of exercise and fun can help them to stay calm and relaxed. Otherwise, they’ll be raring to go way too much, increasing the risk of dealing with an overtired or an overstimulated dog who won’t seem to settle.

Also, while ensuring your dog gets enough exercise, avoid overworking them. For instance, long hours of fetching may increase stress levels instead of benefiting your dog.  

Please make an effort to chat with your vet to identify the most ideal exercise routine for your high-energy dog. And, by knowing the right activities for your dog, shopping on online stores like neewadogs.com for all the necessary gear will go smoothly as you already know what to get.

Get Them Into Sports 

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A sport will ultimately meet the exercise needs of your high-energy dog. Depending on your area, however, you need certifications before joining any local dog sports activity. For this reason, it’s important to first learn about the regulations before enrolling your dog.

Besides ensuring the dog gets enough exercise to burn off pent-up energy, dog sports create a great opportunity for owners to bond with their furry friends.  Such activities include:  

Skijoring – One of the best sports activities your high-energy canine can engage in is skijoring. They can be used to haul skis over the snow.  However, it’s important to ensure that your beloved dog has the right set of gear, such as the ones found on Neewa Dogs, to protect them from injuries. Additionally, it’s crucial to first take your fur baby to a local vet, who’ll determine whether they’re capable of withstanding the harsh conditions. 

Lure Coursing – This is another sports activity for your high-energy dog. Here, the canine chases a plastic bag attached to a mechanical line in an open field. The plastic bag (lure) moves around in all sorts of directions; however, the dog must be able to keep up with it regardless. The sport will help keep in check your dog’s endurance, speed, and agility.  

Dock-Diving – In this activity, dogs jump from a dock into a regulation pool below to find out how far they can go. But, before signing up your dog for such a sport, visit an expert to train them how to swim, among other skills. The training will also boost the dog’s confidence. However, ensure you choose a reputable trainer to guarantee your dog obtains the much-needed skills.  

Find Them A Playmate 

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You can find your high-energy canine a dog with the same energy levels as theirs, and with whom they can play and socialize. If your friend has a dog who fits the requirements, you can ask them if they can bring them along for a play date. If not, you can visit your vet and request them to plan a playdate for your dog.  

However, ensuring the dogs are properly introduced to each other is crucial. If one is more aggressive than the other, it’s important to avoid things such as toys or food that might lead to fighting. Also, take your time to observe their body language to ensure the dogs are enjoying their interaction.  


As discussed above, some dog breeds have higher energy levels than others. And, it’s important to figure out how you can best handle them while ensuring they get their much-needed exercise. The above discussion has shown you some of the ways you can take proper care of your hyperactive canine companion.

However, it’s still important to conduct extensive research or consult your vet before getting your dog into any activity to ensure their safety, as well as to keep them from developing destructive traits. 

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