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Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is a breed of dog that originated from China. It used to be a pit fighter and guard dog but turned into a companion dog throughout the years.

Their name means sand skin, which refers to their coat that looks like bristles. Other prominent characteristics are the wrinkles and folds on its skin, making it look like it’s wearing a thick and huge suit. It has a black tongue and a short nose too.

If you’re planning to get a Shar Pei as your pet, you may want to know more about it to understand it better.



Shar Peis are usually active, so they need the right amount of quality food to keep them nourished and healthy and provide the energy they need.

However, these dogs still have their own needs based on size, age, preference, and activity level. For instance, a highly active young adult dog may need more food than an older one that is not as active. Your vet can help determine the nutrients your pet needs, which will help you choose the food for your pet and the amount to give.

This article on the best food for Shar Pei is a good read. It gives recommendations on the right food to give your pet based on various needs, like food for energy, muscle health, and an active lifestyle. If you need more help with dog nutrition and your vet cannot provide it for some reason, go to a professional veterinary nutritionist.

They are the experts in animal nutrition, so you can get helpful information specific to your pet.


adult sharpei

Because of its history as a fighter and guard dog, a Shar Pei has an independent and strong personality. However, it’s also loyal to its owner, making it a good companion and an excellent guard at home. However, it can be aggressive to other people and dogs, so you must train it as early as possible to improve its social skills.

For example, you can expose it to guests at home and walk around the neighborhood or parks so it will get used to the crowd and other animals.

There are also classes for puppies that you may want to join to help develop its socialization.

Care and grooming

sharpei puppy

This dog breed is sensitive to heat due to its short nose. So, ensure the temperature is comfortable by using an air conditioner or fan, especially during summer.

Although it needs to stretch and move around, it doesn’t require a huge space. So, living in a condo or apartment with limited space wouldn’t be a problem.

It’s also best to put it on a leash due to its aggressive nature. It requires minimal maintenance, including brushing the teeth and hair, trimming the nails, cleaning the ears, and infrequent bathing.

However, ensure that the folds are thoroughly dry after every bath, as these parts could easily get infected.

A Shar Pei will remain by your side as a loyal friend. Although it’s naturally aggressive and non-sociable, you can change this behavior through early, proper, and consistent training.

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