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Breed History: Where Did German Shepherds Come From?

The German Shephard is a big dog breed with many types of cousins under the same umbrella. The name is a clear indication that the origin of the dog is in Germany. But there are more historical facts that can clarify the dog being all over the world. 

There are many types of Shepherd dogs, but these German dogs are actually the best. Usually, their origin conforms to the fact that they acted as the guard dog. 

There are many rare shepherd breeds, but the German shepherd is something else. If we are to discuss their origin, then we will have to trace them back to many related stories. 

German Shepherd Breed History

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In the last leg of 1800, this type of dog was first introduced, or rather got the real identity of being themselves. These dogs were nurtured and valued for their behavior. As easily reliable dogs, they were used in many works. 

Their origin didn’t mean them to be pet dogs originally, but rather only guard dogs, but over the period of years, they have made their way to the backyard to the bedroom of people. 

There are many reasons why such dogs were and still are favorites. We have given below the list of the reasons why they were considered the best.

  • Strength 

Physically the dog is so enthusiastic and strong that they were justified by the name gentle giants. Their physique is also huge, and so is their physical capacity. 

  • Intelligence

These dogs are actually very intelligent, and their wisdom is on another level. They are true companions of humans, and this is one of the main reasons why they have been true friends to us. People, over centuries, are owning them because of their wise nature. 

  • Alertness

The way these dogs can be alert is truly phenomenal, and that is why they are considered guard dogs. The tag, shepherd, has a close relation to their guarding nature. 

However, you have to understand that strong dogs used to be good and stable guard options in the countryside, and hence they are thought to be wild. 

But, their behavior is really gentle; only when they need to be strong do they showcase their strength. Sensing any danger or unlikely events are their forte, and they actually alert their human friends if such situations arise.

  • Courage
Sable German Shepherd

The courage of these dogs is also appreciable, and this was also why they were considered great dogs who could protect other domesticated animals. They usually don’t get afraid of anything as such, and that is a plus point. 

Now, when it comes to tracking down history, let us tell you that their popularity was steadily increasing, especially around the time of the First World War. 

They were started to be transported and crossbred to all other countries. Their gentle disposition and wise instincts prove them to be ideal companions. 

However, there is nothing as such for the history of the breed. Cross-breeding is so famous that apart from the German shepherd, the other famous shepherd breeds are. Examples like the Belgian Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Anatolian Shepherd, Icelandic Sheepdog, and so on. 


So, now that you know about the breed, you may very well justify why they are so popular. Destined to be only guard dogs, they have become one of the favorite options as pet dogs. 

Their maintenance is not that costly; all you need is just some food and love. The history of this German breed is bright proof of the fact that with their docile yet intelligent behaviors. 

One thing that can be bothering to some is when they shed. It can be taken care of, but it might be a problem for new babies. But, if you can keep them aside, you may get a rewarding dog in return. 

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