German Shepherd Eye Colors Explained

Almost, every one of us has come across a German shepherd at least once in this lifetime. Only a few of us ever took a closer look to a German Shepherd eye color.

Because of its courageous and devoted nature, it is considered one of the best dog breeds.

Just like any other dog breed, German Shepherds come with altering eyeshades. From German Shepherds with brown eyes to German Shepherds with blue eyes , their eyeshades range is quite vast.

The majority of the dogs belonging to this breed have brown eyes, and German Shepherds with blue eyes are relatively rare, yet they exist.


Evolution of eye color

german shepherd eye color

Just like any other dog breed, German Shepherds also change their eye colour as they grow up. According to studies, in the first ten weeks of their development, their eye color keeps changing from one to the other.

From light brown to dark brown, from hazel to golden yellow, they can acquire various shades within this time.

It is also quite normal for German Shepherd puppies to have blue eyes, but once they grow up, this blue color changes to another shade.

It all depends on what kind of genes they are carrying. At times, their blue eye color remains constant throughout their lives, which puts them under their breed’s rare category.

Besides, their eye colors leave a lasting impact on their coats, especially in blue German Shepherds. It is mainly because the gene that determines the eye color is the same that determines the hair color.

German Shepherd’s common eye colors

The most common eye color that most of the German Shepherds possess is the brown one.

There are different shades of brown, depending upon the amount of pigmentation. The acid amino melanin is one of the chief instruments that determine the intensity of the shade.

Although the most common eyeshade is blue, these dogs also possess green, brown or grey eyes at times.

Blue-eyed German Shepherd

Blue-eyed German Shepherd

German Shepherds blue eyes are relatively rare, making the dog owners worry about their dogs as it is usually considered an abnormality, but that is not the case.

German Shepherds with blue eyes are as healthy as any other dog breed. The only difference is that they carry a recessive gene, which causes genetic variation in them that eventually leads to blue eyes. 

Variations of a blue German Shepherd

As the recessive gene that causes eye color variation in German Shepherds also causes variations in their coats, they are further divided into three main variations.

  • Blue and Sable
  • Blue and Black
  • Blue and Tan

German Shepherd one blue eye

Sometimes German Shepherds with blue eyes have only one blue eye, which at times causes a stir in the minds of dog owners.

There are many superstitions attached to dogs having only one blue eye. Some call this a sign of poor vision, while others associate it with various hearing issues, but this is not a cause of concern.

German shepherds having only one blue eye usually have a condition called heterochromia, caused by a lack of pigment melanin in the eye. It does not have any direct or indirect impact on dogs at all.

Blue-eyed German Shepherd Characteristics

Other than having a recessive gene, German Shepherds with blue eyes are no different from other dog breeds.

German Shepherd’s blue eyes do not make it any less loyal, courageous, or friendly. It does not matter what eye color they possess.

Their essential characteristics remain unchanged. Just like other brown-eyed dogs, German Shepherds with blue eyes will guard your house to their might. In short, these dogs with blue eyes are not much different from other dogs.

Their temperament, training needs, favorite food, almost everything is pretty much the same. From being energetic to being highly intelligent, German Shepherds with blue eyes possess all the attributes that German shepherds with brown eyes have.

Brown-eyed Germans Shepherd’s attributes

brown eyes german shepherd

Brown-eyed German Shepherds have never been considered as outcasts and have always been accepted by AKC as purebred.

What makes them better than the German Shepherd with blue eyes is that they are in abundance and quite common. Other than this, there is no other feature that distinguishes them from the rare eye color breed.

Just like German Shepherds with blue eyes, these too make excellent watchdogs and are quite intelligent. Their everyday diet and everyday exercise requirements are also the same.

Are German Shepherds with blue eyes purebred?

Although German Shepherd’s blue eyes are not a moment of concern, yet various breeders consider it as a fault and anomaly.

Even the American Kennel Club’s list of accredited breeders does not include the German Shepherds with blue eyes or coats. It was very difficult to find breeding companions for such dogs in the past, but now the conditions are changing.

German Shepherd with blue eyes has recently been recognized as a purebred dog and people have started to accept it as well. 


Blue eyes have always been a source of fascination for human beings. These ocean eyes always make a person fall in love with them, but German Shepherd’s blue eyes were considered an anomaly for an extended period.

It took a lot of time for breeders to realize that this is nothing but a color variation and does not make a German Shepherd with blue eyes an outcast. They are just as adorable and loyal as any other dog breed and a sight to stare at.

Similar is the case with German Shepherd eye colors with different eye shades. You will cherish every moment that you spend with them.

More than anything else, their eyes, be it blue or brown, will be the primary cause of your extra affection and love.

So next time when you come across any German Shepherd, do not let your eye color prejudice judge them because all of them are equally loveable


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