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Dog Jackets Canada: Top 4 Tips For First-Time Buyers

Just like humans, your furry friend can also get cold. Exposing your dog to cold temperatures for long periods can adversely affect its health.  Eventually, your dog could even develop hypothermia. This condition causes severe muscle stiffness, lethargy, as well as low heart and breathing rates.

Letting your dog wear jackets is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of keeping him warm as dog jackets are made from thick and dense materials.  Thus, this can provide an extra layer of protection to your beloved pets. Additionally, these pieces can make your dog look good.

If this is your first time buying dog jackets Canada, consider the tips below as your guide.


Measure Your Dog

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Before you browse for different dog jackets, measure your dog first. This is one of the most important things to do when buying a dog jacket. If your dog wears it a size too small or big, it can prevent him from moving and might even put his safety at risk. 

Use a measuring tape to measure the following parts of your dog. 

  • Length: It’s between your dog’s shoulder blades and the base of their tail.
  • Girth: It’s around the narrowest part of his waist.
  • Chest: This is the measurement around the thickest part of his chest. 

Take note of the numbers so you can easily find a suitable dog jacket.  When choosing sizes for dog jackets, refrain from investing in pieces labeled as small, medium, or large.  Only do so if the seller indicates what these sizes are in inches or centimeters. Sizes vary per brand, and a small-sized dog jacket doesn’t always fit small-bred dogs. 

Pay Attention To The Material

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners commit when buying dog jackets is focusing too much on the color and style of the apparel. These factors are important but not to the extent of disregarding its material just because your pet already looks good in it.

When shopping for dog jackets, pay closer attention to the material used. A dog jacket is supposed to protect your pet from the harsh weather, so check if it’s made from water-resistant or waterproof material. If possible, look for dog jackets with insulation or wind-blocking features. 

Dog jackets made from fleece are great options because this material has insulating properties.

This material traps body heat and keeps your pet warm. Fleece is also extremely plush, soft, lightweight, and flexible. 

Check How It’s Designed

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Nowadays, dog jackets are designed in different ways. Picking the right design will require you to assess your dog’s temperament. Remember, dogs behave differently and you need to make sure the jacket you buy him suits his behavior. 

For example, if you have an older dog, it’s best to invest in a jacket that’s easy to put on. Avoid a jacket that will require him to step in and out as this causes pain and discomfort. If your dog regularly has high energy levels, look for a jacket that doesn’t restrict the legs. This will make it very easy for your furry friend to move and run. For a less active dog, a jacket that provides additional warmth in the legs is ideal to keep him comfortable outdoors. 

Aside from these, you should also make sure the dog jacket is easy to use. A dog jacket that has several straps and accessories will be difficult to put on and off. This might eventually discourage you from letting your dog use the apparel. Ideally, less is more when it comes to the design. 

Assess If It’s Washable

Your dog will wear the jacket long-term, which is why it’s important to look for one that’s easy to maintain. A dog jacket that isn’t easily washed will make it very challenging for you to clean the apparel. This can cause germs and bacteria to accumulate on the jacket, which can harm your dog.

It’s best to buy dog jackets that are effortless to clean, so you can toss these to the washing machine the moment it gets dirty. This will make it easy for you to keep your dog clean and healthy. 

Knowledge Is Power 

Dog jackets in Canada are common, which is why you’ll likely see countless online and offline stores selling the apparel. Having options is good, but having too many can be overwhelming. 

Ensure that you’ll end up buying the perfect jacket for your dog by following all of the tips discussed in this article. When you know what to consider when buying, you won’t have any problems narrowing down your search.  Thus, you may be able to find the best dog jacket in the market.

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