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10 Perfect Gifts to Pamper Your Dog With

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” So, it becomes very important for us to make their lives whole as well.

From spending a day swimming with them to exploring the beach, from jogging together to teaching him a new thing, from playing with him on your lawn to all those cute and weird activities, our dogs need pampering too. So here are some of the perfect gifts to pamper your dog with and make him feel loved.

happy german shepherd


1. Kong Classic

Are you also one who cannot make enough time and pay much attention to their dogs? Or, is your pet dog still teething? Or, you have a senior doggo who is just bored?

Do not worry. Kong Classic has come to your rescue. All you have to do is spread some of the peanut butter around the inside and let him/her chew the ultra-durable red rubber while satisfying his/her needs.

It has been one of the trustworthy products for over forty years in many popular countries. Not only this, but you can spend time with your dog using Kong classic by playing the game of fetch.

So, every time you play with your dog, he/she receives a tasty treat. Nevertheless, Kong is available in many sizes and variants for all sizes of pet dogs. So what are you waiting for? Pamper your dog by buying a Kong classic for your baby dog.

2. A Personal Portrait For Your Doggo

We all know how adorable and funky our dogs are and how charismatically they steal attention from everybody.

So, why not capture all those moments of your cute doggies in a canvas and gift them?

Canvaspop is an extremely innovative company that offers personalized pet portraits. All you have to do is make your doggo wear funky sunglasses or rub his/her belly and capture a cute picture of him.

dog canvas

Customize the image in a way you would want him/her to look on the canvas. Style it, color it and make it exactly as cool as your dog.

Now, Canvaspop will create a preview of the print and send it to you for your approval. After the approval, the portrait is crafted beautifully by hand and delivered to your doorsteps within a few days.

3. Attractive Bandana

Are you planning to throw a puppy party or just a get together this weekend? Or, you want your dog to feel cool and happy all day? Buy an attractive bandana for your pup to cool his neck or to enhance its personality. If it’s his/her birthday eve and your doggo’s name is Gala, then buy a branded personalized Gala Bandana and pamper your pup with all the love he/she deserves.

4. Stuffed Pal to Comfort Your Dog

Does your pet miss your warmth in your absence? Or, does he/she feel dizzy or has stress issues because of loneliness or separation? Pamper your dog with a behavioral aid dog toy having a simulated heartbeat feature resembling and giving the same feeling you provide to your dog until you can do it yourself.

With the help of such toys, not only would you be pampering your baby dog but also helping him with his negative behaviors like barking and whining. Such toys come with advanced and super cool features, but if the toys start to break, make sure you keep them away from your pet.

5. Birthday Cake Biscuits

Is it a hot sunny day, and your dog wants to cool off? Buy him protein-rich birthday cake biscuits and play a few games keeping the cake as a treat. Not only this, but you can also customize the store-bought cake biscuits according to the tastes of your dog with homemade ingredients like peanut butter or zucchini.

dog cake

6. Cotton Dog Pyjamas

You surely know that your dog is the most adorable, funky, and cutest member of your family. So, if you can look charming in your PJs on Saturday night, then why not accompany your dog to the same party?

You can go to the nearby shopping malls and look for a store that keeps clothes for puppies and dogs and buy matching ribbed knit PJs for yours. Your dog would love to be pampered with new clothes and could enjoy his/her days fully.

7. Thermo- Snuggly Sleeper heated pet bed

Do you want your pet dog to sleep as comfortably and as soundly as possible? Of course, yes, right? But without a proper pet bed, it might not be easy to achieve this.

So comfort your dog with all the softness and warmth by buying a thermo-snuggly sleeping heated pet bed. These are smartly programmed and thermostatically controlled, keeping an eye on the dog’s temperature and changing the temperature to comfort him.

8. Portable Pet Tents

Do you also have a puppy at home but do not have a place for it to sleep? Buy a pet teepee for them and customize them with all the creativity. Nevertheless, you can also write their name at the top of the tent and decorate their teepee with small LEDs and things your dog likes. You can also keep a converter or pet bed inside the teepee so that your pet dog can sleep soundly.

9. Snuffle Mat

Now you can train your dog with a snuffle mat by hiding small things in it. This way, your doggo will learn to recognize the smell but make it lose weight as well. You can either use it as an olfactory pad or turn it into a bowl. A lot of snuffle mats are environment-friendly and quite easy to use. So go ahead and train your dog by buying a snuffle mat for it.

german shepherd snuffle mat

10. Pet Bathing Tool

End the stress and the hard work involved in bathing your dog. Using Aquapaw pet bathing tools, your pet dog would love to take but regularly as it would be a breeze for it and you as well. It is very easy to use as all you have to do is fit the tool in one of your hands, and the water will start flowing from it. Enjoy the bath with your doggo with such cool tools!

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