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Best in Show: What To Do if You Want To Show Your Dog in Competitions

Competing in a dog show or competition can require a lot of patience from you and your dog. You have to train them for the big event, make sure they’re properly groomed, and ensure you’re eligible for the show. Here’s what to do if you want to show your dog in a dog show. 



Sable German Shepherd

Remember, most dog shows require your pup to be purebred, so you’ll likely not be allowed in otherwise. If they do allow mutts, they often place more emphasis on purebred dogs. 

You can visit a white lab breeder or another ethical dog breeder for advice on how to purchase a lovable pet and train your dog on its way to becoming show royalty. 

Train your dog

Training your dog can be one of the most challenging parts when preparing for dog show competitions. Not only do you have to make them understand your verbal commands, but you must reinforce their cooperation. Sometimes, your dog may not want to follow your verbal commands.

However, training treats, plenty of praise, and positive reinforcement can help you give your dog get all the training they need to perform well in dog show competitions. Training your dog is beneficial in more than dog shows, as well. When your dog receives training, it can come on adventures with you, including hiking, walking, or road trips.

Check eligibility

Some dog breeds may not be eligible for dog show competitions. For example, hybrid dog breeds are not eligible to participate in most dog show competitions. Some hybrid breeds can include Cavapoos, Cockapoos, or other Poodle mixes. Most dog shows will only accept dogs over six months old and dogs who have been spayed or neutered.

Getting your dog from a certified breeder who can offer all the documentation that your dog is a purebred pup can help you get into one of these competitions.

Seek advice

Advice from someone who has already been through getting their dog set up in a dog competition can be helpful. This guidance can give you all the information and tips you need to prepare.

Consider reaching out to someone who has been through the process before to ask them about what you need to do and how you can prepare yourself and your pet.

Ensure your dog is groomed

dog grooming

You’ll want to ensure they are appropriately groomed when you take your dog to a dog competition or any pre-qualifying rounds. 

Proper grooming can prevent pests and bacteria from spreading to other dogs in the area. Additionally, adequate grooming can show off your dog’s greatest assets and make them the star of the show.

Simple materials can help you groom on the go. Bring a brush and wipes to deal with grooming emergencies in a pinch.

Be Aware of the Difficulties

There are many challenges to getting into a dog competition, and the competitors may have more experience than you. Your lack of experience may make you feel underqualified, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Never stop trying, even if it feels challenging the first couple of times you put yourself and your lovable pup out there. 

Final Thoughts

Getting yourself and your dog into competitions and dog shows can be challenging but may leave you satisfied and happy. 

Although these competitions can be fierce, some things can help you get started. For example, finding the perfect mentor or solid advice can help you get your foot through the door.

Don’t forget to find yourself a stunning and precious pup before getting started on training. 

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