Clicker Training for your German Shepherd

Clicker Training Like The Professionals

German Shepherds are clever dogs that follow a wide range of actions, commands, and voice signals. However, in order to train a German Shepherd more effectively, dog owners should adopt the ‘clicker training’ method.

Clicker training may seem a relatively new technique, but it’s one that does have a strong history, as dog trainers have been following it for years. Many German Shepherd owners tend to train their dogs using forceful techniques, which ends up doing more harm than good, making the dog aggressive and stubborn.

This is why we urge you to give Clicker training a try.


What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training means training your dog to follow commands with the help of a clicking sound.

But why a click sound?

The clicking sound produced by a clicker is of high frequency, a frequency that your German Shepherd’s ears can pick. When we train our dog, we usually use vocal signals. Dogs can only pick certain frequencies, and our voice does not come out at the same frequency every time. That’s why a clicker helps us keep the voice signal and its frequency constant.

Why Clicker Train Your German Shepherd?

Clicker training was first used to train other animals. Due to its effectiveness, this technique was soon adopted to train dogs.

Clicker training, in reality, is an indication of reward for a dog. It is a budget friendly solution.

It works in a unique way and is a positive reinforcement method of training a German Shepherd. The clicker is supposed to be clicked only when your dog obeys your command.

For Example You point to the floor and say ‘sit.’ You have the clicker in your hand. When the dog follows your verbal commands and hand actions properly, you click and offer it a treat.

Your dog will start to associate the sound of a click with a treat. So, whenever you want your German Shepherd to listen to you, a clicker is the best option you got. Your dog will follow your instructions so that it gets a yummy treat.

Dog Clicker Training

How to Use a Clicker to Train Your German Shepherd?

The right way of training a German Shepherd is with love. That’s why clicker training is the most appropriate way to make your dog learn different tricks and understand commands. A clicker might be the best option to train your dog, but it will take time for your dog to understand the whole thing. Simply put, it will take patience and consistency to train your dog using a clicker.

Read onto the following helpful instructions to train your German Shepherd using a clicker.

  • Click only when your dog follows the command properly.
  • It will take several clicks until your dog understands how it actually works.
  • Have treats readily available when you are clicker training your German Shepherd.
  • In the initial days of training your dog with a clicker, you will need to offer treats after every succession.
  • In the later stages of your dog’s clicker training, you will need to switch from treats to a pat or a praising action.
  • The clicker should be used only when your dog follows your command.
  • Use hand signals and verbal actions to command your dog.
  • The clicking sound should come immediately after your dog follows your command.
  • Use small healthy treats to praise your dog so that it doesn’t gain excessive weight.
  • Practice a single command using a clicker several times to make your dog learn the exact trick.
  • Do not use the clicker for anything other than praising your dog for following your commands.
  • If you use the clicker to stop your German Shepherd from doing something, it will get confused.

How to Get the Best Out of Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known for their loving and protective nature towards their owners. However, this behavior can turn into a nightmare if you fail to train them the right way. Clicker training your German Shepherd will help you keep it obedient and under control.

Click Train Your GSD

There is no doubt that GSDs are one of the most intelligent breeds. They are highly trusted and are part of the police department in many countries. That’s why, making them learn different tricks, rules, and commands, is relatively easier.

The right way to train your German Shepherd is to adopt a positive reinforcement strategy. Offering treats, giving it a pat on its back, or any other action to praise it will help you get done with the training process sooner. Clicker training will help struggling owners turn their dogs into obedient companions. With the help of a clicker, your dog can be leash trained, potty trained, crate trained, and obedience trained. Furthermore, it can learn miscellaneous tricks.

If you’d love to read more tips on training your German Shepherd, we suggest you sign up on our website to find out more!

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  1. I was stricken with polio at the age of 14 months but I still went to work at 18 and worked (by the grace of God) until 5 yrs ago at the age of 59 had to retire due to back and leg problems. My wife puchased a German Shepherd 4 months ago for protection while she was at work. He was 4 wks old at the time of purchase. I’ve already trained him to sit, give me his paw with voice commands. We have 2 smaller dogs and he is very aggressive toward them if we show them any attention. If my budget would allow I would love to send him to a trainer but things being as they are it’s impossible. If there is any advice you could email me or any books (not real expensive) that I could purchase that would help me since I’m not physically able to do a lot as working with him. I’ve never asked for any handouts in my life and I’m not now. Just need some advice. He weighed 39lbs 3 wks ago at the vet. I would love to keep him since I’m here alone during working hrs but with his aggression I don’t know if it’s possible. Please email me and tell me my options. God bless. Thank you very much. Wayne

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