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What to Pack for Your First Trip with the Cat

Have you ever asked yourself what essentials you should have on that first trip with your cat?

Unlike dogs, cats do not love trips due to their territorial nature and they never shy away from letting us know it. If anything, your trip can quickly change from fun to worse when your cat gets uncomfortable or gets agitated.

So here is a checklist of what to pack for your first trip with your cat and make it twice as fun! We recently adopted our first kitten, and we are happy that Max (our GSD) is getting along with the kitty.


Cat Carrier

Nothing makes work easier than having a backpack to carry your cat.  Not only does it keep your cat secure and safe, but also it gives you the freedom to do other stuff with your hands.

Note, the carrier should be spacious to allow movement for your cat but not too big to allow roaming and also prevent injury in case of an accident. Lastly, a transparent backpack is preferred; it ensures your furry friend familiarizes or gets to see and enjoy the new environment.

Food and Water

cat and german shepherd eating

Who would want to carry their fur baby on their first trip and starve them? Having your cat’s favorite food and drinks with you is top tier. Be sure to pack these in easy-to-access containers to give your cat an easy time while feeding. Secondly, bottle up any liquid for easy drinking, and feed them slowly.

Do not stuff your cat with a lot of food immediately after the trip begins to prevent motion sickness and vomiting. Save the remaining food for later and reward your cat for good behavior.

Pack a few favorite toys

The whole arsenal of toys is not necessary. Pack a few favorite toys to enjoy during the trip. Toys distract them and ensure they’re as stress-free as possible.

Being around a relaxed cat makes your trip more enjoyable. A better idea is to play with your cat whenever you have a stopover to exercise them and avoid making them feel left out. Avoid nosy or jingly toys to prevent more destruction and make them act out.

Cat Bed

At some point, your cat needs to rest and stretch out. Apart from a backpack to carry your cat, have a cat bed lined with comfortable blankets and their favorite pillows to keep your cat warm and cozy.

Cats associate their daily items with smell, and the familiar scent of their blankets and pillows makes them feel relaxed because that is what they are used to back home. Preferably, you can share your bed with your cat to make them feel more at ease in case you have a sleep stopover.

Litter Box

cat and german shepherd sleeping

Most cats aren’t trained to use a restroom in case of a stop. Having a scoop and litter box to throw your cat’s waste is vital to avoid messing. Using the regular litter box you use at home is essential; it makes the cat feel like they are in their homely environment.

Additionally, for a stress-free trip, stop every two or three hours for water, snacks, and your furry friend to relieve himself. If you’re planning to travel with your cat, get a second litter box.

First Aid Kit

Traveling with a flexible mind is critical. Anything could go wrong on your first trip with your cat; that is why you need to have your first aid kit with you.

Cats are a curious lot, be open to the possibility of them getting light cuts and bruises when they wander off. Also, consult your vet for necessary medication and pet-specific kits with all the essentials you need for your journey.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more exciting than having your pet’s company with you on your first trip. But, putting every measure in place to make your trip as enjoyable as possible is needed.

Do more research about first trips with kittens and consult your vet for any vaccination.

Check for pet clinics in your trip’s destination in case of an emergency, and make it a habit to travel with your cat more to make them see the other side of life.

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