GSD Temperament

German Shepherd Breed Information

The German Shepherd breed is recognized as a fierce warrior and a police guard all around the world. This breed of dogs is extremely intelligent, territorial, strong, dominant, loyal, and protective. A GSD is one of the most popular dogs that people like to have as pets. The thing that is most likable about this dog is that it makes an incredible family companion.

This black and brown, (usually) two coated beauty is fearless and was first bred by a German named Captain Max von Stephanitz in 1899. GSDs are also known as Alsatians and they were used as guards for flocks of sheep. This dog breed soon caught the limelight due to its ability to learn and obey its owner’s commands.

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and learn different tricks quickly. These dogs protect their owners from threats. A GSD has a panoramic personality and can become really aggressive when mishandled. These dogs are extremely territorial, which means that they will take the alpha spot if not trained the right way. Training a GSD is the key to an everlasting relationship with it.

A GSD is an ideal family dog that not only loves its family but protects them too. Continue browsing our site and find out a lot more information about this beautiful dog breed!