The Best Dog Toys For Battling Your GSD’s High Energy Levels

The Best Dog Toys For Battling Your GSD’s High Energy Levels

German Shepherds are big dogs with big energy levels. They are lovable and wonderful pets to own, but it does take some practice to learn how to effectively handle their high energy levels.

In this article, we’ll look at the issue in more detail, talk about strategies for managing your German Shepherd’s energy levels and then finally do a few reviews on the toys we most recommend for helping to manage a German Shepherd’s super high energy levels.

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#3Otterly Pets Rope Dog ToysOtterly Pets Rope Dog Toys4.2Buy Now
#4KONG Air Dog Squeakair Tennis BallKONG Air Dog Squeakair Tennis Ball Dog Toy4.1Buy Now

Quick Comparison: Top Toys For GSD’s

Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click above to read customer reviews on Amazon.

The High Energy Of German Shepherds

gsd with the toy

All dogs are usually pretty energetic, but the bigger they are, the more power they have, and a German Shepherd with pent-up energy will start to get destructive.

Imagine feeling ready to run a marathon but being forced to sit behind your office desk all day. You’ll get antsy and frustrated pretty quickly. German Shepherds are no different.

They need a LOT of exercise and playtime to help release that energy in safe, beneficial ways instead of crashing through all your precious valuables and chewing up your favorite shoes.

More importantly, a German Shepherd with too much pent-up energy might turn on himself and start chewing up his feet and tail, which can become a serious problem. So it’s important to make sure you give your pooch plenty of opportunities to exercise and release that energy.

Strategies For Managing German Shepherd Energy Levels

Here are a few tips for managing those high energy levels:

Go For Jogs: This is great for your own health as well, so you should definitely consider it. Wake up a little earlier in the morning and go for a morning jog with your pooch. They will absolutely love it, and it will keep you motivated to stick to an exercise program yourself!

Go For Lots And Lots Of Walks: whether you choose to add a jogging routine or not, you will also want to include plenty of walking time. Take them out as often as you can. Consider picking them up on your lunch break to go spend time in the park.

Playtime: your pup will need lots and lots of playtime playing fetch, tug o’ war, chase, or anything else that gets them using up energy. Don’t neglect this.
Big Yard: a nice big yard with plenty of room to run around in is very beneficial for a German Shepherd so that even while you’re away, they can still run around and use up energy.

Toys: good, quality toys that they can chew on as aggressively as they like are a great way to direct their energy away from chewing on their own tail.

Generally, there are many types of toys to choose from for your German Shepherd. First on the list are the distraction toys. These are commonly used to keep dogs entertained and active over a prolonged period of time. The second type is the active toys.

These are designed for training purposes and other activities that require tugging and tossing. Lastly, the third type is the comfort toys. If the dog wants something to carry around all the time, these items can be an ideal choice.

With the different types of pet toys mentioned above, there’s no doubt there’s a wide selection of products to choose from. See below for suggestions on which toys to buy, or check out some reliable online stores that sell pet toys for your dog or cat.

Sports: take your dog out to a park when you can for a round of Frisbee and other dog-friendly sports.

Other Dogs: dog parks and friends with dogs will be a life saver when you are simply too exhausted. Other dogs will have energy levels and stamina rivaling their own, so they don’t have to stop when a human gets tired out. Plus, it’s a great chance to meet new people or spend some time catching up with your friends.

The benefit to having such a high-energy dog is that it motivates you to get on your feet and be more active as well. Both of you will benefit from getting plenty of exercise and playtime!

The Best Toys To Contain a German Shepherd’s Energy

gsd toys

When shopping for toys to satisfy your German Shepherd’s needs, the most important things to look for will be durability and quality. Cheaper toys may have an attractive price, but your pooch is going to destroy them in no time.

You need to invest in quality if you want something that will actually last. So, with that in mind, here are our top 4 picks for toys to contain a German Shepherd’s energy.

They are chosen precisely for their quality and durability.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

KONG Classic Dog Toy

These odd-looking toys are super durable and fun. They are made of durable rubber. Its weird shape causes it to bounce in unpredictable ways, which makes it that much more exciting to play with.

More importantly, you can stuff treats inside, which guarantees your dog will chew with determination to get the treats out so they will not be sparing with their energy.

This also helps with separation anxiety. You can fill it up with treats just before you leave, and your dog will spend a good 20 minutes working on getting those treats.

It’s this first 20 minutes when a dog’s anxiety is usually at its peak, so that’s the essential time to keep them happily working on getting treats, so they learn to enjoy their alone time.

We recommend getting the larger sizes for your German Shepherd. And make sure you don’t fall into the habit of giving out too many treats. Treats should stay treats, so allow your pet to play with them even when it’s empty, too.

Overall, it’s an awesome deal. It’s a low-price, durable, high-quality product, and it is super fun. This is highly recommended.

Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug Tough Dog Toy

Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug Tough Dog Toy

The knotted rope that every dog loves now comes attached to a pole that can be placed outdoors in your yard. That way, your German Shepherd can tire themselves out playing tug o’ war on their own—saving you from sore arm muscles!

It’s perfect for keeping them entertained while you’re away. It also helps compensate for smaller yard space. They may not be able to run around as much, but they can use up their energy on this toy.

That doesn’t mean skimping on the walks. It just means you have one extra means of helping manage your German Shepherd’s energy levels. The rope is 5 inches long and designed to be durable enough for dogs that are 60 pounds or more. There’s also a small dog version in case you have a smaller pup running around, too.

Our only worry here is that you might fall out of the habit of playing with your dog. While this is a great toy, it shouldn’t be a complete substitute for quality play time with you because playing with you or other dogs helps them not only expend energy but also socialize and develop stronger bonds.

So as long as you make sure you are still spending plenty of quality time with your pooch, this is a great toy to help handle some of the workloads.

Otterly Pets Rope Dog Toys

Otterly Pets Rope Dog Toys

The knotted rope is a dog toy classic. Energetic dogs love it because they can chew and chew to their heart’s content without hurting their teeth since the rope is soft but durable. It’s also perfect for playing tug o’ war!

This particular rope is 36 inches and has five thick knots spaced out across it. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s gentle on teeth but tough enough to withstand an aggressive chewer like your German Shepherd.

It can also help clean teeth! There’s really not much to complain about this toy.

You may want to avoid letting any small children play tug o’ war with your dog using this since the dog will be much stronger and might accidentally knock the child over.

Aside from that caution, this is an excellent purchase that will last you a long time and keep your dog happy.

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Tennis Ball

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Tennis Ball

These tennis balls designed for dogs come in a pack of two. It is made of rubber and soft tennis ball fabric, both of which are very durable and ready to withstand the rough treatment they will undergo by your German Shepherd.

Plus, it’s very bouncy and light which makes it the perfect ball for playing fetch.

The manufacturers recommend not leaving it in water for extended periods of time, so it’s not ideal as a pool toy. And another point worth mentioning is that the squeaking sound can become a little annoying after a while for some people.

But aside from these minor issues, we love this toy for its durability and its fun design. Your dog will enjoy playing fetch with it or just sitting down to chew on it.

German Shepherd Puppy Toys

And what about GSD puppies?

We all know that the teething period can be tough for both you and your pal. So what kind of puppy toys should you buy?

For my 2nd GSD (Biggie), I picked this toy from Nylabone, so you check it out. It is cheap and, most importantly, durable. Biggie was playing with it for hours.

Real Flavor Dental Chew Toy

This is another best toy for battling your German Shepherd’s high energy levels. Aside from its ability to remove unwanted plaque and tartar from their teeth, a dental chew toy can keep them entertained.

Also, giving your German Shepherd this toy allows them to burn their energy by keeping them chewing all day long. Ideally, most dental chew toys available in the market have real food ingredients, such as bacon, chicken, and peanuts, making them more appealing to your big dog.

Final Word

The two keys to managing your dog’s energy levels are toys and lots and lots of exercise. Toys give them something to focus on, and exercise helps them use up that energy so that they can relax later.

Hence, if you’re looking for the perfect toys to manage your German Shepherd dog’s high energy levels, keep the information mentioned above in mind to have a clear idea of which one suits your energetic pet.