Best Dog Collar For German Shepherd - A Buyer's Guide For 2021

Best Dog Collar For German Shepherd – A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

You may not have thought of this but dog collars are amazingly important to ensure both safety and peace of mind in any possible situation that may occur when your furry friend gets lost in this big wide world.

One vital thing with dog collars is that it’s a way to keep your information on your dog via tags attached unto it.

Letting someone who to call or where to bring your pup is very much advisable for a more convenient and easy life to whoever found your lost dog.

Another important thing about dog collars is that it helps us keep track of our dog’s health concerns, displaying any and all shots of immunizations and treatments your dog has received and to ensure that they are safe to approach and hold in case they are lost.

Hearing all this, I am certain that you eagerly want to give your pet his very own collar now. We have sorted things out for you!

Here are the top nine picks that you can choose from.

Blueberry Personalized Dog Collar

Blueberry Personalized Dog Collar review


  • Size: Regular to Large
  • Material: Nylon Fabric with Eco-friendly Plastic
  • Color: Various Colors Available


  • Size chart provided for  good size picking
  • Adjustable
  • Good quality material
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide variety of color option


  • Not recommended for dog owners who have problems with arthritis in hands due to the difficulty of releasing the clasp, giving them a hard time to latch and unlatch.
  • Some users claimed that the material is slippery and it keeps loosening which requires constant readjustment.

The one that got the number one spot is the Blueberry pet dog collar.

As you may think that dog collars are nearly the same with all the other collars sold in the market, this particular item is advanced and beneficial in some ways.

Blueberry pet dog collar is a perfect product whether your dog is a small or large type of breed, with its wide range of size; this surely will fit your dog’s neck.

This properly fitting and harness will not give your dog any room to chew this collar out. Given the chance, this will endure your dog’s teeth and survive that particular instance.

They offer different sizes from regular to large so you can thoroughly pick the size that perfectly fits your dog. This is also adjustable so you can freely resize it if your dog outgrew the smaller fit.

Are you the type where color seems to matter a lot?

If yes, this got to be your choice. They offer a wide variety of colors that you can choose from. Indeed, dog fashion has never been this easy!

If material is what you are most concerned of, this product gives you security and peace of mind.

Made from nylon fabric with high density webbing for additional durability and buckles that are made from eco-friendly plastic with metal D ring coated with chrome to secure product’s stability and sturdiness, this will surely provide your dog safety.

Another incredible quality of this material is the convenience of cleaning. You just have to wipe it to clean it! This item does not really get grubby. It also shows hardly any signs of wear after few months of use, looking still as good as new.

Black Rhino Dog Collar

Black Rhino Dog Collar


  • Size: Small to Extra Large
  • Material: Neoprene Padding
  • Color: 5 color options


  • Neoprene Padding for extra comfort and keep away from irritation
  • Durable hardware
  • Weather proof
  • Reflective Stitching


  • Some buyers claimed that the neoprene padding is too thin, having poor craftsmanship and stitching
  • The buckle is not smooth on the underside which might rub a raw spot on your dog’s neck.

The second that got the runner-up spot is the one from Black Rhino which is The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar.

From the name itself, it does sound great, right?

Comfort wise, this dog collar will surely stand out amongst the rest. With its Neoprene Padding feature, this will undeniably make sure that your dog will get the comfort that he deserves.

The science behind this padding is for the protection against irritation which most likely will happen when your dog is in active or play mode. No need to worry about the odor it gets when soaked in water because this type of neoprene easily dries and is odor resistant.

German Shepherds belong to the large size breed of dogs—thus making this dog collar very suitable for them.

This is specifically constructed in a light weight design but with heavy duty hardware that is guaranteed to be very durable, strong enough to withstand great forces even from the most energetic dogs.

Another one special feature of this dog collar is its reflective stitching.

Yes, you heard it right. This will absolutely make sure that your German pup is safe and can easily be seen on your early morning and evening run.

This collar does reflect light, keeping your dog safe. This is offered in five color options. If you want a matching leash and harness, you can also avail those separately from the same store.

Lupine Pet Adjustable Dog Collar

LupinePet Dog Collar reivew


  • Size: Small to Extra Large with width size variation
  • Material: Jacquard Traditional Solid Nylon
  • Color: Multiple Colors Available


  • Guaranteed durable (even if chewed)
  • Matching leashes and harnesses are available
  • Width size variation
  • Offered in 7 rich colors


  • Some purchasers attested that there is a problem with the plastic adjuster. It does not hold in place after a roll around and wrestling activity—it apparently wiggles it loose.
  • The color bleeds and will stain your dog’s neck.

Looking for a durable yet long lasting dog collar? This is exactly what you need! Comfort and durability in one.

Third on the ranking, this dog collar will still amaze you in its own ways.

Manufacturers of the said product are very proud to say that their dog collars are made from the highest quality jacquard nylon webbing, with strong back stitching, promising you a very durable dog collar that will surely endure your dog’s massive strength throughout the test of time.

This dog collar is specifically designed for medium size to large size dogs, even the largest one.

Having  its adjustable feature with the most convenient and strongest yet easy side release buckle there is today, partnered with the most trusted buckle manufacturer YKK,  this is a perfect choice for the widest range of dogs.

This dog collar also gives you width size options available in ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch widths; you can surely find a perfect fit for your pet.

Guess what? They also offer a wide variety of fun designer patterns if you want additional flare in your dog’s collar.

Matching and harness and padded handle leads are also available in the market.

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

Perris Dog Collars review


  • Size: Extra Small to Extra Large
  • Material: Genuine Lambskin Leather
  • Color: Metallic and non-metallic colors available


  • Hand crafted
  • Made with top quality genuine lambskin leather
  • Wide variety of color options


  • Very little padding compared to shown photos
  • Hard to bend and flex
  • Inconsistent sizes

If you can’t find the ones offered above, this will surely be a great alternative.

Top quality material and great workmanship—that’s what this dog collar is proud to offer!

It’s true that we certainly want the best for our special pal, thus it makes them even proud to say that this is purely handmade and completed by the hands of a few local Amish leather workers promising a perfected and refined quality from the best leather there is.

Genuine lambskin padding makes each piece an elegant choice for posh and glam look yet adds character and luxury.

Rigid leather as it may look; comfort is never a problem for this is certainly gentle against your dog’s skin.

Featuring a solid brass, or a stainless steel roller buckle, through years of vigorous use, this will still look amazing and new.

Color options? Not a problem at all because they offer nearly 30 color combinations, including metallic colors that you can freely choose from.

From the smallest dog to even the largest one, this will surely have a perfect fit for they offer a five size option, from extra small to extra large.

Riparo Dog Collar

Riparo Dog Collar review


  • Size: Small to Double Extra Large
  • Material: All Natural Full Grain Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Color: Six different Tannery-dyed Colors


  • 100 percent Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Handmade Quality
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Multiple Colors and sizes available


  • It is a bit wide that might cause discomfort on the neck
  • Shows wear and tear after a week’s use

Another great alternative that you can check out is the one from Riparo which is the Genuine Leather Padded Heavy Duty Adjustable Collar.

The last but certainly not the least! This got to be your choice for your best friend.

Proudly handcrafted made with 100% genuine cowhide leather with a full-grain leather strap, this will secure you a durable and strong great looking collar yet comfortable interior surface to avoid skin irritation and chaffing.

The leather is surely a good quality. Soft and supple to touch yet with just enough hardness to properly hold its shape.

Mind you, these premium quality leathers are vegetable tanned—using plant matter in the dying process instead of harsh chemically based coloring materials.

It is natural for dogs to tug very strongly. Whether they are just playing with other dogs or being mad with something, they surely will break a weak collar and you badly need to secure a strong collar for security purposes.

The corrosion resistant stainless steel D-ring and buckle is sure to last for years. Classic design for an opulent look while giving comfort, this has got to catch your attention.

Soft Touch Collars Dog Collar

Soft Touch Collars Dog Collar review

Exquisite in design, and highly rated for it’s durability, the Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar by Soft Touch Collars offers the best of both worlds: looks, and functionality.

It’s not often that you find a collar of this caliber, with as much attention to detail being put into it. Soft Touch Collars is trying to make sure you never have to buy another collar again. We think they may have accomplished that.


  • Fits large dog: As your German Shepherd grows, they tend to outgrow their collar, too. There’s no way to get around that fact. However, you can help them grow in style with the high end leather and multiple neck sizes available.
  • Has matching leash: A lot of companies will sell you a collar, and then leave you hanging when it comes to finding a leash to match it. Soft Touch Collars put the same level of detail and quality of materials into the leash that they sell alongside their collar.
  • Large, durable D-ring: You don’t have to worry about the D-ring breaking loose, or coming undone from the leather with this collar. It’s large enough to make clipping a leash on easy, while also being thick enough to prevent ever being undone or having to worry about busting when your dog starts pulling to go after that squirrel across the street.
  • Solid brass buckle: While some companies will use hollowed out brass knuckles in an effort to save money on the manufacturing costs, no expense was spared with this collar. It features a solid brass buckle that will not break, and that won’t show scratches like brass plated buckles on some of the competition’s collars.
  • Beautiful natural colors: It’s available in 4 different colors, so you can easily match the collar to your (or your dog’s) personality. You also don’t have to worry about the colors fading or bleeding into your dog’s fur, because they are all natural, with no harsh dyes or chemicals used to color the material.


  • Buckle can collect hair: With a buckle as big as the one on this collar, and a long haired dog like the German Shepherd, this problem is almost unavoidable. That being said, you will want to take note that some customers have reported having their dog’s fur get stuck in the buckle.
  • Need to measure your pet’s neck: You can’t rely on a measurement of your dog’s previous collar to get a proper measurement you can use when ordering. Instead, you need to use a cloth measuring tape to get an accurate measurement where the collar will sit on your dog’s neck, and then order that size.

Buying Advice

From the quality of leather and stitching that goes into each collar, to the solid brass buckles and D-rings used to keep it attached to your dog, and the leash on the other end, no expense was spared or detail overlooked in the manufacturing of the Luxury Real Leather collar by Soft Touch Collars.

 While you need to make sure you have an accurate measurement of your dog’s neck, there are very few complaints about this collar.

Yogadog Dog Collar

Yogadog Dog Collar review

Finding a collar that’s going to last a long time against your GSD’s punishing abuse can be a pain. Whether your dog likes to pull, or chew through the collars, German Shepherds have a long standing reputation for busting through low quality collars with ease.

The best type of collar is a genuine leather collar that’s at least 2 inches thick, with hardware that’s not going to come loose as your dog starts pulling or trying to work their way through the material. The Yogadog training collar aims to eliminate those problems, at a price that’s friendly on your wallet.


  • 100% Genuine Leather: A long lasting collar is hard to find for German Shepherds. The Yogadog collar is manufactured with 100% genuine leather making it built to last, without losing that high end look even after years of use.
  • 2” Thick: German Shepherds are known for breaking collars, especially cheap, thin ones. The 2” thick Yogadog training collar cannot be busted by even the strongest dogs that love to pull against the leash.
  • Rust Resistant Hardware: This could, very well, be the last collar that you have to buy. The biggest reasons collars get replaced are because the hardware rusts, comes loose and then gets busted, leaving you with no avenue to tie the tags on or hook a leash up.
  • Bite Resistant: It’s no secret that if you leave a GSD alone long enough, they’re going to chew through their collar. The leather used in the Yogadog training collar are bite resistant, even to the most aggressive puppies with the sharpest teeth.
  • Natural Leather Materials: The most you can ask from a collar is that it’s high quality enough to last a long time, right? What about a collar that looks as good as it functions? The leather in the Yogadog training collar looks good, and only gets better with age.


  • No One Size Fits All: If you have a puppy, you’re going to have to purchase multiple collars throughout their life. There’s no way around that, not even with the Yogadog training collar. While your dog may not be able to destroy it, you’re going to have to keep an eye on the sizing to make sure they can’t slip it, and order a size that fits them, then reorder as they get bigger.
  • Only Available In Brown: If you’re looking to style your dog up with fabulous colors, or exotic designs, the Yogadog collar may not be the right choice for you. As of right now, it’s only available in a dark brown color.

Buying Advice

We try not to review products that are either not going to last a long time, or are going to cause you problems down the road. We would rather have you happy with a product that we’ve recommended than upset that we’re trying to promote junk products.

The Yogadog 2” leather training collar is one of those high quality products that doesn’t come around that often. The exquisite workmanship and superior leather materials look good, and won’t let you down.

Dogs My Love Dog Collar

Dogs My Love Dog Collar review

Finding a thick collar, with high quality stitching that isn’t going to come apart when your dog gets into a chewing fit, or one that is easy to slip when your dog backs up and starts pulling is fairly difficult. These are problems that most all GSD owners face at some point in their dog’s life.

Dogs My Love has tried their hardest to prevent those problems from becoming a reality with their Genuine Leather Dog Collar.

It’s built using high quality stitching, and thick, authentic leather that’s difficult to chew through, and doesn’t stretch over time — giving your dog a chance to pull free.


  • Heavy Duty Leather Construction: A lot of foreign made collars are constructed using a vinyl material, rather than more expensive genuine leather. This collar, though, is manufactured using the highest quality, most durable leather on the market, ensuring a long lasting design.
  • Thick Wax Coated Threading: Stitching is another area that companies use to save money, because of the amount of it used to create every collar. The Dogs My Love collar, though, is stitched together using a wax coated thread that prevents deterioration and dethreading that are common with other lower quality collars.
  • Nickel Plated Double Pin Buckle & Eyelets: One major complaint with other collars is the fact that the eyelets are holes punched into the leather with no reinforcement, which gives your dog a chance to pull the pin back through the hole — escaping shortly after. This collar, though, features double eyelets that are reinforced with the same materials the buckle and D-Ring are made out of.
  • Heavy Duty D-Ring: Some D-rings are actually pieces of rod that are bent into the shape of a D, and then closed off behind the stitching and leather. This creates a weak point that lets the D-ring stretch, and break free. The D-ring on these collars, though, is one piece, welded together, and then sewn into the leather, keeping it secure for the life of the collar.
  • Built To Handle Strong Breeds: Dogs My Love built this collar specifically with large breeds, like your German Shepherd, in mind. You don’t have to worry about your dog busting free, or chewing through the collar, even after a few years worth of use.


  • Extra Wide: Customers have reported that the collar may actually be wider than the 1.75” that’s advertised. If you have a small puppy, this may be something you need to consider before buying.
  • Nickel Plated Could Scratch: Since the D-ring, buckles, and eyelet reinforcements are nickel plated, instead of solid nickel, any scratches that happen could should the metal underneath.

Buying Advice

Dogs My Love went back to the drawing board to improve on their already high quality dog collars and this genuine leather collar is the result of that effort.

It’s been upgraded with reinforced buckles and eyelet holes, along with a welded D-ring that won’t break even after years of punishment from your GSD.

Beirui Dog Collar

Beirui Dog Collar review

Elegant, and affordable, Beirui has built a dog collar worthy of awards — if people gave awards for dog collars, that is. Beirui set out to release a quality dog collar designed for large breed dogs, at a price that was easily afforded on even the tightest budgets.


  • Heavy Duty Construction: While being as soft as possible for being a leather collar, it’s also built using heavy duty stitching, and thick metal rivets, buckles, and a D-ring that are durable enough to withstand your dog’s punishment, even as it increases while your dog grows older.
  • Military Grade Appearance: When you think of a collar that’s attached to a German Shepherd who is protecting a military police officer, what comes to mind? To us, it’s thick black leather, with shiny buckles, that’s both sleek, and effective. And that’s exactly what you get the a Berry genuine leather collar.
  • Grows With Your Dog: With 3 different size ranges, and multiple sizing holes in each length of collar, it’s easy to buy a size that will fit, while also allowing plenty of room for your dog to grow. When they do manage to outgrow the size you’ve purchased, the affordability of these collars makes it an easy upgrade.
  • Timeless Design: While some styles tend to follow trends, and how people treat their dogs, the design by Beirui for their leather collar is timeless in nature. It’s going to look good the day you buy it, and look even better as it begins to age and patina, developing a natural sheen to the leather.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: If something happens to the collar within the first year, a replacement is a simple email away. By emailing Beirui directly, they will send out a replacement collar, with no questions asked. That’s hard to come by with so many manufacturers sourcing their products directly from overseas distributors these days.


  • Varying Levels Of Quality: Some customers have reported that the smaller sized collars were shipped out, and were constructed using low quality materials. Some even reported that they quickly broke. However, all of the complaints were resolved by Beirui, with the situation rectified once a new collar was sent out.
  • Sizing Not Exact: The range of lengths in the collars makes it slightly harder to accurately measure your dog’s neck and choose the right size. Because of this, you’ll need to get an exact measurement on the size of your dog’s neck, beneath the fur, as well as above the fur, and then average it out before you make a decision on which size collar to buy.

Buying Advice

Beirui has stepped up their game over the last couple years, and it shows with their genuine leather dog collars. Each collar is built using durable chromed metal rings, rivets, and buckles, giving them a military appearance and a quality that will last through some of the most rigorous punishment.

Make sure to take an accurate measurement of your dog’s neck, both against the skin, and above the fur before you make a purchase. If you want an affordable collar with an industrial grade appearance, the Beirui leather dog collar could be the right choice.

German Shepherd Dog Collars FAQ

Yes, we love dogs! It may not be everyone but certainly most of us will agree that having a dog in our homes just makes it way better.

Big or small, hairy or not, whatever breed they may have come from, one thing is for sure, they truly love is with their all.

They give us joy during our lowest moments. Indeed, they never leave when everyone seems to do so. Our special pal stick ‘til the end.

They are our very own Hachikos! They may sometimes—or shall we say oftentimes make a great deal of mess

 but that surely comes with great fun and joy as we play with our very sweet and cuddly friend. We undeniably create precious moments with them.

But we need to put in mind that being a dog parent comes with a whole host of responsibilities. From bathing to feeding and even potty training, it all falls unto the hands of the owner.

Now, you may think that we are all done here. Absolutely not fellas!

Another one main responsibility that some dog owners tend to disregard is wearing their dogs a collar.

Does this ring a bell to you? Here’s what you need to hear.

Is it bad for dogs to wear collars?

Dog collars are meant to provide multiple benefits—that’s an absolute truth!

But, be mindful that being a negligent dog parent causes the dog collar to be bad for your pet.

As we have discussed since the start of this article, technically, dog collars are made to provide safety and ease of mind. Identification in case lost. However, dogs with collars on that are left unattended might cause them harm and lead to serious or worse fatal injuries.

Here are four ways that collars might potentially harm your dog associated with safety and responsible tips for collar use:

Strangulation/ Choking – This maybe very discomforting to hear but wrong use of collars might risk your dog to strangulation.

Dogs are very much known to always jump and run around almost everywhere, but if it happens that their collars snag on a fence post, this might lead to suffocation or choking.

To avoid this from happening, make sure to secure your dog’s collar a perfect fit. Not too tight yet not too loose. Breakaway collars are also recommended.

Limb Or Mouth Injuries – This injuries are usually caused by a too loose collar.

Your dog, for instance might scratch his ear or face accidentally slipping in his paws inside the loose collar making it’s back leg stuck in that position which may lead to a limb breaking.

Their teeth or tongue might also get stuck in a too loose collar while they groom themselves, causing them teeth or mouth injuries.

In avoidance to those accidents, you need to secure your dog not to wear a too loose collar.

Skin Problems – You also need to avoid too tight collars as this may cause your dog’s skin irritation, hair loss, infection and worse a cut in your dog’s neck.

To protect your pooch’s neck, make sure to regularly check your dog’s collar if they still fir them well. Taking it off at night is strongly advised. This will give your dog’s skin a chance to breath.

Neck Damage – You are unknowingly damaging your dog’s neck every time you pull hard on the leash to pull your dog around.

Persistent stress on the neck can lead to a long term medical issue. One safety option to do is to use a chest harness when going out for a stroll.

Should dogs sleep with collars on?

Dog collars are vital—that’s what we have been discussing here all along. But it is not actually beneficial to let your dog’s sleep on them. Reducing the overall wear time for your pet gives them way more comfort.

Some or even oftentimes, collars are made with rigorously harsh material to secure durability yet this might cause your dog discomfort especially when worn 24/7.

This might break and rub off the coat and hair around their neck, exposing and irritating the skin, causing them skin problems and infection.

Just like us humans, dogs would always wish to have a good night’s rest after a long day of running around the house, and as a diligent dog parent, you surely want to give them that.

Why do dogs freak out when you take their collar off?

Dogs learn by association—also known as operant conditioning. And it is very possible that they might have associated taking off their collars with something that is about to happen.

You need to carefully observe your dog’s behavior and see what causes the excitement or the aggression as you take off his collar.

They might have associated this as the end of his playtime as you have repeatedly took off his collar after your day out.

Another example is association to freedom as you always took off his collar when you allow him to play freely in the field. Another possible reason is intolerance to physical contact.

Some dogs just do not want to be touched. This may be because of their trait or they are not just used to it.

Another one vital thing to consider and check is neck injury. If the collar is excessively tight, it might cut your dog’s neck or lead to strain or other neck injury, causing your dog to be more sensitive to the touch.

As you try to hold his neck or remove his collar, it will give him discomfort and pain causing him to react aggressively.

Why you shouldn’t use shock collar?

Shock collars have been out in the market today. Companies who produce this stuff ought to hit the goal of dog training and avoidance of unwanted behavior such as excessive barking and lack of recall.

But experts and veterinary associations strongly disagree with that idea. According to them, punishment-based training can be very dangerous to not just dogs but to all kinds of pets.

They strongly discourage aversive training methods that are based on pain and fear for this result in your dog avoiding you or worse being aggressive at you.

The electrostatic shock can bring your dog psychological distress leading to phobias and high levels of stress which can result to an increased heart rate. This will also give painful burns to your pet’s skin.

Punishment-based tools such as shock collars can cause changes in your pet’s behavior. Instead they suggest a better way which is a reward-based dog training.

This will surely address unwelcome behaviors without jeopardizing the social bond that you made with your pet. This certain type of training is found to be just as effective without harming your dog and making things worse.


Dog parenting is a tricky and a bit tiring job to do. There are lots of responsibilities accompanying the said role. It will unendingly test your patience, hard work, affection and commitment.

But, when you look at it on the other perspective, being a dog parent will never seem to be tiring when you love doing it. Thus, you will never have to work a day in your life.

Our pet dogs deserve that special care and attention. The love that you have for them will push you to be a good and diligent parent.

This buying guide is written to give you fast access and convenience, saving you time from multiple hours of searching and scanning the internet just to thoroughly pick the one that you think is best for your german shepherd out of the thousands of options that the market has to offer.

Everything with regards about dog collars has been rolled out for you.

Now, it’s time for you to do your part and pick what you think is best for your furry friend to give him a safe, better and happier life!