GSD Constantly barking

German Shepherd Behavior Problems

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To mould your German Shepherd into a perfect family dog, you will need to know all about its behavioral traits. GSDs are intelligent, strong, fierce, muscular, dominant, loyal, friendly, and extremely protective. Due to their natural instincts, these dogs sometimes show behavioral issues that will cause trouble. However, if trained as puppies, these dogs will exhibitlikeable qualities that every person and family member would admire.

There are some major behavioral concerns regarding GSDs as they are wild dogs. At times, these dogs exhibit aggressive behaviors that many people are scared of. The key is to harness the right kind of energy from your dog and understand how its brain works. They are alphas of their packs, which makes them extremely dominant. They often try to dominate their owners by walking ahead of them or ruling over them.

When a GSD is treated the wrong way, it will take over the house and its owner’s actions, which will create behavioral issues. The common behavioral issues in a GSD are:

  • Attention seeking destructive behavior.
  • Jumping.
  • Chewing, biting, and mouthing.
  • Digging the ground.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Over-protectiveness.
  • Extremely dominating.

Training a GSD with positive re-enforcement is the only way you can make your GSD learn good manners.