ASPCA Pet Insurance Review

ASPCA Pet Insurance is a funny company. Based on the features of the policies they offer alone, we cannot recommend them to pet owners. There’s something else you should know about the ASPCA Pet Insurance company.

While they are called ASPCA, they are not actually affiliated with the Association For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA). Instead, they are paying the true ASPCA a licensing fee to pay to use their name, in an effort to gain customers’ trust, and increase their own profits.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

Another problem that’s blatantly obvious when you start researching the company is the fact that they have a problem paying out reimbursements, even though some of their highest premium plans are full of promises stating that you are covered under a wide range of situations.

Pets with pre-existing conditions, and pets that are older in age are going to be denied coverage under their lowest cost plans. The ASPCA Pet Insurance company is also known for adjusting the rates that they pay back to what they consider “reasonable” which does not usually cover the entire costs of your claims.


ASPCA Features

  • Covers Injuries and Accidents: A well rounded policy is going to cover both injuries, as well as accidents. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance does provide coverage for both circumstances.
  • Coverage For Illnesses Available: Illnesses are also covered under the “most popular” plans available through ASPCA HI. Everything from ear infections and stomach issues, to arthritis and cancer coverage is available. Make sure to pay attention to the fine print to ensure the policy you’re considering actually has the coverage in it, though.
  • Advanced Care Plans Available: Certain conditions, such as hereditary and congenital diseases are covered under the ASPCA HI’s top plans, along with alternative or homeopathic therapies, and behavioral issues.
  • Wellness Care Addon Available: All plans can have Wellness coverage added on for an increase of $10 per month in premiums.

What If My Dog Get Lost?

We as dog lovers, know what pain can a lost dog cause. ASPC pet insurance doesn’t cover in any way you in a case of a stolen/lost dog. But on the other hand, they give you the option of microchipping your dog. And you should do it as soon as you buy or adopt your dog. They are covering microchip implantation because they know the important role it can play in getting your four-legged family member back home.

If your dog gets lost and you didn’t microchip him, then you need to find him as soon as possible. It is almost similar to the lost kid, you need to react fast. Print missing posters, post them on your social media, or website like which is having a huge reach on each of the missing dog posts (often surpassing 20k people that see your missing online flier). There are over 700.000 lost dogs each year in the US only. Pet Alert is a network of hundreds of local pages with a massive audience that is built to help you maximize your chances to reunite quickly with your lost dog or lost cat.

If you are in a need, be sure to check them out!


  • Purchased Plans Help Fund The ASPCA: While the ASPCA Health Insurance company does pay the true ASPCA a licensing fee to have access to using their name as a part of their business, a small portion of each month’s premium does go to help fund the ASPCA foundation. That means you’re giving back to a good cause, should you purchase a policy through the ASPCA HI.
  • Offer Wellness Coverage: They do not necessarily offer wellness coverage inside of their policies, but it can be added onto every single policy for an additional premium. That gives you the ability to customize the type of coverage you need, while still making sure you can visit the vet on a regular basis.
  • Basic Plan Covers Prescription Medication: One area where the ASPCA HI competes with other companies is through the coverage of prescription medication. This coverage is available on their cheapest, basic plan, as well as other plans that you can buy.The “Routine” Wellness package allows for up to $200 in benefits yearly, while the “Advanced” wellness plan covers up to $400 in benefits, but also costs an additional $25 per month.
  • Offers Significant Range Of Plans: One of the biggest features of plans through the ASPCA HI company is that you can choose the types, and levels of coverage that you need across a wide variety of different plans. You can also add additional coverages to lower plans that may not already be included.


  • Older Dogs Ineligible For Comprehensive Coverage: One area where the ASPCA HI drops the ball is in the way they provide coverage for older dogs.There have been reports that older dogs that were once accepted were denied claims because of their age. This is something to take into consideration if your pet is growing older. Other companies handle older pets much better.
  • Additional Monthly Transaction Fee: Customers have complained about having fees hidden inside of their monthly premiums that weren’t closed initially when the policy was opened.While the fees are small, $1.50 in most cases, it’s a hidden tactic that the company is using to generate increased profits, and you should be made aware of it before you purchase. The fees could go up at any time, and if your pet develops an illness or a disqualifying disease after, you’ll be held hostage to the policy and the increased rates.
  • Cuts Claims & Payback Rates: A large amount of customers have complained that the advertised paybacks and “ease of claim submission” isn’t what really happens when a claim needs to be submitted.The company has been accused of cutting back the amount they will pay for claims, while even denying a lot of claims that were supposed to be covered through the policy through the use of legal-speak and fine print.
  • Expensive To Cover Hereditary Or Genetic Conditions: While the ASPCA Health Insurance company does advertise that they cover hereditary and genetic conditions, you’re going to pay a much higher premium for the coverage. Then, you have to worry about visits and procedures not being covered, or the claims being denied.

To Wrap It All Up…

All in all, we cannot recommend the ASPCA Health Insurance company to pet owners.

There is a lot of shadiness that goes on in their fine print, with the additional fees, denying of claims, and saying that they cover certain conditions, only to find out that you aren’t actually completely covered in the event you need to use the insurance.

aspca pet insurance review

Purchasing a policy through them does help to benefit the actual Association For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA), but you may be better off donating directly to the organization, rather than purchasing a pet insurance policy through a company who only has access to use their name, but aren’t actually held accountable for the practices they use.

The features that the ASPCA HI banks on are available through our highest-rated insurance providers, and are generally considered to be the basics of most pet insurance policies.

That means you can get a policy through another company that provides the same coverage, without hiding fees, banking on another association’s name, and not denying claims that they initially led you to believe would be covered.

Visit ASPCA Website

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